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Sherman Oaks Emergency Dentistry

Quality Dental Care for Urgent Problems

Some of the most common dental emergencies that the dentists at Sherman Oaks Dental Care & Orthodontics see include chipped or broken teeth, gum and soft tissue injuries, tooth pain, and teeth that are knocked out. We offer emergency care for all types of dental and orthodontic emergencies.

If you are experiencing an urgent problem, call (818) 918-3295 for Sherman Oaks emergency dental services.

Dental Emergencies

When an unexpected problem, pain, or injury arises, it is often necessary to seek immediate attention. Your dentist can examine your mouth and perform tests to determine the source of the problem and best method of treatment.

We offer prompt attention for urgent problems, such as:

  • Gum Injuries – Common injuries to the gums and soft tissues include falls, burns from hot liquids, an object lodged below the gum line, and sports injuries.
  • Traumatic Dental Injuries – Situations such as a car accident, blow to the face, or fall can cause traumatic injury to the teeth and gums.
  • Tooth Pain – Some common causes of tooth pain include decay, bacterial infection, an abscess, and gum disease.
  • Gum Abscess – This may be caused by an infection or periodontal disease. If not treated, the infection can spread through the body.
  • Orthodontic Emergencies – True emergencies include trauma, infection or swelling in the face or gums, or unmanageable pain.

Pain in the body is generally a response that tells you something is wrong. The same is true for your teeth and gums. Pain is an indication of a problem, whether an emergency or something less serious. When pain is severe or sudden, contact our office for Sherman Oaks emergency dentistry.undefined

First Aid for Dental Emergencies in Sherman Oaks

How you react in the moment can have a significant impact on the outcome of the emergency. For example, if a tooth is knocked out align it in the direction it normally sits in the socket and gently, but firmly press it back in. When an injury causes bleeding, press damp gauze to the site for up to 15 minutes. If it doesn’t stop, seek medical attention immediately. If you are not sure what to do, we encourage you to contact our office for instructions.

Get in touch with our office at (818) 918-3295 for help with a dental emergency in Sherman Oaks.

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